Video and Protocol Analyzer (VPA)

The Video and Protocol Analyzer (VPA) verifies compliance of designs against the ARINC 818 standard. The VPA software and interface accurately and efficiently decode and display data and flag errors.
New features in Gen II include a full-resolution image for pixel-to-protocol correlation (screenshot below), profile generation, unknown source analysis, and alternate GUI languages.

IP Core

Great River's ARINC 818 IP Core provides an easy way to implement ARINC 818–compliant interfaces in Xilinx and Altera PLDs. The core can achieve ARINC 818 interfaces up to 12.75 Gb/s. It can be used for transmit-only, receive-only, or transmit-and-receive applications.
The core has many flexible compile-time settings, allowing for various link speeds, line segmentations, and line-synchronization methods. It can be configured for various resolutions and pixel packing methods. Ancillary data can use default values set at compile time, or data can be updated in real time via register interface.

 Stand Alone Module:

The High Speed Stand Alone Module(HS SAM) has long proven itself as an essential tool for ARINC 818 testing. HS SAMView2 software provides flexibility and efficiency. GRT will configure an HS SAM to match your ICD—including a link rate up to 5 Gb/s.

Frame Grabbers

Matrix Plus (PCIe8) and Matrix (PCIe4, XMC) cards both transmit and receive ARINC 818 video at data rates up to 4 Gb/s with a bus throughput of 500 MB/s. Matrix cards are pre-configured for the video parameters of your ICD. Matrix Plus cards are pre-configured for 1 to 15 ICDs.
Every card in both series includes test application software.
The cards have a dedicated DVI output for viewing
full-motion video (received from fiber or coax) without loading the PCIe bus.

Video Converter Module (VCM)

Extend the life of airborne video components by quickly linking them to ARINC 818 architecture. The VCM is a flyable, rugged version of GRT's Stand Alone Module, which has proven itself for years in labs, simulators, and aircraft production facilities.

Smart switching technology

Smart switching technology ensures that video frames are not broken or corrupted. Switches link any variety of subsystems—sensors and radar, for example—to mission displays or recorders. They reroute any input to any output.
As splitters, they feed each input to two outputs. As broadcast devices, they send a single input to multiple outputs. There's a GRT switch to match any ARINC 818 need in the lab, on the factory floor, or during flight tests.

GRT Products

Systems and Recorders

GRT's high-performance Titan, Callisto, and Europa systems bring advanced capabilities to simulation labs, engineering development, factory production—even pilot training and flight testing.
GRT's new Titan TI-04 configuration can manage eight ARINC 818 recording and playback channels. Other GRT systems can be factory configured for protocol analysis, robustness testing, and much more. Each system has several base configurations with extensive options to cover program needs. GRT configures your system with Matrix/Matrix Plus cards to match your program ICDs.Compare features and recording times.